Welcome to UCC Insurance Insights

Welcome visitors to our new blog, UCC Insurance Insights. We want the blog to be a clearinghouse for all things relating to commercial loan transactions involving a security interest being granted to the lender for any type of collateral under Article 9 (secured transactions) and Article 8 (securities) of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

We will put together much of the content on the blog, but will scour the public domain for articles of interest on all things relating to secured transactions linking you, the reader, to topics that you will both find interesting while enhancing your knowledge of the world of commercial secured finance. Occasionally we will also inform you about matters and topics relating to UCC insurance.

One of our hopes in introducing the blog is to collect feedback from our readers on the topics that appear in our blog. We also desire that our readers and followers will communicate with us to give us ideas as to topics our blog should cover as well as finding other public domains of interest for which we can link our blog.

We hope you find UCC Insurance Insights a necessary and valuable source of reference.