On-Demand Webinar: Mezzanine Foreclosure in Real Estate Finance

Gain a deeper understanding of the mezzanine foreclosure process and potentially earn CLE credit by watching the on-demand webinar Mezzanine Foreclosure in Real Estate Finance: UCC Article 9, Mortgage and Intercreditor Constraints, Threshold Issues. The 90-minute webinar, co-presented by Gary Zimmerman of UCCPlus and Meryl P. Diamond of the law firm Alston & Bird, examines […]

UCC Insurance for Real Estate Transactions

In this article written for LexisNexis by Gary Zimmerman of UCCPlus, read about the role of the UCC in commercial real estate transactions, with a particular focus on those involving pledges of equity. Get an overview of the UCC and pledges of equity in the real estate mezzanine loan context. Also, learn about the two […]

10 Reasons a UCC Insurance Policy is Superior to Legal Opinion

Lenders have typically relied on heavily-qualified legal opinions of outside counsel regarding the attachment, perfection and priority of a security interest. A UCC insurance policy provides a significant advantage over a legal opinion, offering greater protection to the lender and limited liability to outside counsel.