Equity Control Pledges: An Invaluable Exit Strategy Tool

Pledges of equity have been used for many years as the vehicle to allow mezzanine lenders to secure mezzanine loans. Now, lenders use pledges of equity as an essential structuring tool to implement a logical exit strategy in case of a default. The pledges of equity taken in conjunction with a lender making and securing […]

Explore Title Insurance Options for Mezzanine Lenders in On-Demand CLE Webinar

Learn about mezzanine debt structure and title insurance options in an on-demand webinar offering CLE credits. The 90-minute webinar — Title Insurance for Real Estate Mezzanine Financing: UCC Policy Requirements and Coverage — is co-presented by Gary Zimmerman of UCCPlus and Nicholas M.W. Hoffman of the law firm Haynes Boone. The webinar features an overview […]

On-Demand Webinar: Mezzanine Foreclosure in Real Estate Finance

Gain a deeper understanding of the mezzanine foreclosure process and potentially earn CLE credit by watching the on-demand webinar Mezzanine Foreclosure in Real Estate Finance: UCC Article 9, Mortgage and Intercreditor Constraints, Threshold Issues. The 90-minute webinar, co-presented by Gary Zimmerman of UCCPlus and Meryl P. Diamond of the law firm Alston & Bird, examines […]

UCC Insurance for Real Estate Transactions

In this article written for LexisNexis by Gary Zimmerman of UCCPlus, read about the role of the UCC in commercial real estate transactions, with a particular focus on those involving pledges of equity. Get an overview of the UCC and pledges of equity in the real estate mezzanine loan context. Also, learn about the two […]

10 Reasons a UCC Insurance Policy is Superior to Legal Opinion

Lenders have typically relied on heavily-qualified legal opinions of outside counsel regarding the attachment, perfection and priority of a security interest. A UCC insurance policy provides a significant advantage over a legal opinion, offering greater protection to the lender and limited liability to outside counsel.